Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Venlafaxine and daily treatment of depression

When it comes to symptoms, depression is perhaps the most recognizable disease. In fact, this term is so imbedded into our society that we use it very easily without really understanding the word. Most people think that depression is a state which you enter and exit every couple of months. Truth be told, most of individuals do not recognize difference between the disease and temporary bad mood.
                Usually, when we see that someone is feeling down, we try to comfort him, to give him an advice. Same goes with major depressive disorder. We think that this is something which can easily be treated with a pep talk and some words of encouragement. However, this is a severe mental disorder that needs to be treated by a professional and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Otherwise, patient’s state may deteriorate ultimately forcing him to take his own life. Through psychotherapy and use of drugs, you can turn situation around. Buy Venlafaxine online to treat symptoms of depression.
                According to specialists from You! Drugstore, depression can be described as a feeling of low mood, sadness and overall dissatisfaction with life. Patient will exhibit numerous symptoms. He will feel bad about himself, about his life choices. Most of the patients will look back at the past and think how they could have done things better. Feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, low self-esteem and low self-respect will be present. All of this will affect patient’s social life, making him withdrawn. He won’t be able to make new friend or keep the old ones. It will also affect his relationship with partner and family. There are numerous physical symptoms as well. Person can lose potency; he will have insomnia and change of weight.
                Major depressive disorder is something that usually affects younger individuals. As it turns out, during adolescence, young people are slowly starting to get accustomed to the world and all the responsibilities that await them in life. As a result, some of them will be unable to cope with daily routine. However, have in mind that depression can also have biological basis. Those who are prone to mental issues or have family history of such disturbances are more likely to develop symptoms of depression themselves. Sometimes, depression has root in early childhood as some patients have had different forms of abuse which led to mental illness in later stage of life.

                First part of treatment requires psychotherapy. Doctors also recommend use of medication such as Venlafaxine. This is a great drug that can assist you not only with this condition but also with anxiety and panic attacks. Have in mind that drug usually takes up to 4 weeks to show any results. So, in that regard, it is necessary to use the medication no matter what. At the same time, patient will have to check his blood pressure regularly. People who have uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma as well as those who are being treated with methylene blue injection, should not use this medicine.