Sunday, 19 February 2017

Marijuana Cloning and Permaclone

Successful marijuana cloning requires that you:

1. Start with a fully 100% sterilized cloning system (the most important and critical step to ensure success!). This includes attention to details and often overlooked--your dirty cloning collars!
2. Keep reading :)

People often ask us, what's the real difference between PermaClone and neoprene collars? Be sure to read our article Sterilizing PermaClone Collars With Confidence ( AND How To Sterilize Your Cloner...AND YOU WILL KNOW IT! (

Here are all the ways you can easily sterilize your PermaClone Cloning Collars:

- Microwave Sterilizable. Batches of 6 – 180 collars can be microwave sterilized within 15 min.
- Heat Sterilizable. Heat sterilizable in an oven, pressure cooker. or autoclave. This ends laborious/unreliable hand cleaning or costly replacement.
- Dunk-Based Sterilization. PermaClone’s central gap ensures immediate sterilization with dunk-based sterilization. No more tweezing open each collar to ensure exposure.
- Chemical Resistance. Unlike competing brands, PermaClone’s polymer blend tolerates long-term exposure to bleach, peroxides, ozone, and UV light!

Our exclusive Food Grade Polymers are SO SAFE it's approved for use in medical devices. To be sure, PermaClone collars are third party tested for food grade status by both U.S. and E.U. standards.

Our Exclusive Re-usable Cloning Collar Nano-Polymer benefits:
- Durability. Made of durable, long-lasting polymers that resist root growth into the collar. With proper care, our collars have been show to last over 5 years.
- Ecological. Reusable products decrease waste, promoting ecological and sustainable practices in all industries. In this case ecology saves you time and money.
- 5 year Warranty. If PermaClone does not perform as described, we’ll replace the used collar at no expense to you.

Get Sterile, Get Cloning and Visit (


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